The DW Tax Specialist Business Principles

We are a unique taxation practice specialising in various aspects of taxation law including but not limited to Tax Administration, Income Tax, VAT, PAYE, Customs and Excise as well as Mining Royalties and specialising in SARS audit process management and dispute resolution in all taxation disciplines.

Our business model enables us to provide a specialist tax service adaptable to our clients’ requirements in today’s ever-changing tax environment.

DW Tax prides itself to provide taxation and advisory services based on the following business principles:

Because honesty endures the longest

As through such trust is created with friend and foe

Which means self-value without pride; and friendship without flattery

And such in every aspect to your client, your fellow-man, your community

So that you uplift others during your ascent, because if you pull others down you will fall too

That everything works for the good of all, if each and everyone does their duty.